Carp Society membership crash


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Have a look at July's carpworld, there is a piece by Tim Paisley about this.

The Carp Society would appear to offer very little for membership now (which is quite expensive these days), if my info is correct, no mag, no meetings and you don't have to be a member to fish their waters. It makes you wonder if reducing the membership to a small 'rump' was not accidental!

It was set up as an alternative to Peter Mohan's organisations and having aquired substantial assets and with reduced numbers, makes it a tempting target I would guess.

I never joined, I always got on ok with Mr Mohan! However, it's surprising, and rather sad, that one of the most popular branches in angling has no vibrant 'representative body' now.


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Paisley's article in Carp World is very interesting.

It does not paint a picture of positive management of the society in recent years. Shame.


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It does not paint a picture of positive management of the society in recent years.
Actually, if the reason for going into 'management' was to make a shedload of money, they would appear to have been flawless. Be interesting to see how this pans out. I understand that there may be no more than a dozen members.

If you aquire assets or value in a company, you need to protect the stakeholders. It would appear that the fathers of the society created a vehicle that relied on the successors having the same vision and values. Eventually, somebody will take the money. Happens in all walks of life. Company law is the protection, but you need the right vehicle. From the little I've heard, there is no suggestion of foul play, they've simply allowed the membership to fall while maintaining the value.

If Horseshoe realises the sort of money being banded about, the very few remaining 'stakeholders' could make a tidy sum. If so, they have played a blinder but at the expense of the vision that started the Society!

Let's hope that there are still a few good men and true who can turn things around but it's not looking good.

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Sounds to me as if the Carp Society has been used by a few for their own ends at the expense of the Carp Society, not nice


Wow! I remember paying my hard earned for the 11 year ticket, which enabled them to buy Horseshoe in the first place.

Such a shame to see the Carp Society asset stripped to nothing. :(