Carps Well, west Warwickshire


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May 31, 2011
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Hi guys.

I don't fish myself but for the past 15 years have owned a very pretty, centuries old carp lake across the road from my house in semi-rural Warwickshire.

It comprises about 1.25 acres of water in about 2.5 acres of land and is surrounded by a 0.8 acre lawned area ( including hard standing for about 8 cars – accessed via a steel field gate off the adjoining road ) on one side and mature trees / neighbouring fields on three other sides.

I have allowed a few people to fish there over the years but have used the property primarily for my own private enjoyment rather than as a commercial venture.

The carp ( in excellent condition and with a couple in double figures ) breed and feed freely in the natural, spring-fed waters and there is a resident catfish ( I haven't heard of it being caught for a couple of years ) which should now be in excess of 30 lbs along with a small number of other fish species.

Despite the claims made by some estate agents there doesn't seem to be an obvious place to advertise and market such specialist properties and a friend of mine suggested trying the better on-line fishing forums.

One of my brothers has piggy-backed a web page with full details onto his own web site and the URL is Carps Well for sale

Do get in touch if you are interested or you know of someone who might be.