Casting Courtesy is REAL!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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No Casting Courtesy or Common Sense at All!

I kinda lost it this day. I started by finding a bait ball along the shoreline before sunrise. Then one of my rigs took off. After a blazing run the fish spit the hook w/leader damage. After a few more hours i decided to head for Kaneohe Bay. This day i was using original prototype 13ft & 14ft Okuma Surf Rods by Okuma. They were a hit at the Izuo Brothers Product Show this past February. I'm defining my casting weight recommendations for when the units are released so i'm still field testing. This day i chose these areas because i'm casting directly into the wind & needed to know what weights to recommend.

The 2nd area i hit had a few anglers there already as it was almost noon. So i positioned myself over a 100ft away out of courtesy. I then casted my left rig out at a straight 90• angle so it wouldn't bother those off to my left & my right rig i casted out to a 45• angle to the right. Then my left rig had a "jerk". At first i thought a fish grabbed my bait. Then i found out the guy with a green shirt over his head far to my left decided to cast his line directly at me and pulled in my baited leader.

So i started walking slowly towards him reeling my line line. He was sitting down trying to untangle his leader off my line. He completely ignored me! I ended up cutting off some of my mainline because his hook shredded it. I again went over to talk with him and he turned his back towards me & walked away. By now i was pissed but no-matter what i did or say to this "idiot" it was clear he didn't care.