catching a tench


Daniel Whitelock

Is there anyone who could give me some tips/advice on catching my first tench? I am a member of a club who own a superb pit with a large tench population, with a 70lb bag being caught last weekend, so i am ok venue wise. cheers.


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Feb 23, 1999
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Can you be more specific in your questions. It would take a book to cover everything. There are quite a few tench articles in the web site you could have a look at that might help too. Thanks, Graham

Joseph Foxall

Venue-wise, try having a nosey what other people are doing, or if you're too eager to wait try sweetcorn and groundbait in small clumps fed in rarely and sweetcorn on hook.
If very windy I sometimes use a paternoster type rig with float on top. This rig is also good for bream and carp.
Hope this helps. Cheers, Joe.

jason young

First you will need to try and locate the feeding areas of the resident fish. You could try asking the regulars or spend some time lookig for signs of feeding fish, such as extra colour in the water or the tiny bubbles (fizz) that tench produce when feeding.

At first try using small general baits such as castor, maggot or worm first. When you have got them feeding on this try using more selective baits such as sweetcorn or bread flake on the hook. If you are able to catch one or two fish using these baits then you will be able to fish these throughout your session,both on the hook and as loosefeed. Holpefully this would result in catching a larger size of fish.
Best of luck

John Anderson

Hi Daniel
I took a young lad Tench fishing last month and we had great results by balling in browncrumb with maggot and sweetcorn added.We fished maggot on the hook and used Polaris floats to catch Tench upto 5lb8oz.It was a joy to see his face for this was the first time he had caught Tench.Persever and you will catch.