Choosing The Right Bell Holder!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Let's Have A Look At This Bell Buddy System!

Tony Lopez, formally off Hawaii invented the Bell Buddy & has since moved to Texas where he operates his company Fishing Solutions. It's a common sight to see at a local tackle shop in Hawaii as the Hammer Bomb. Tony has offered 2 sizes, large & small. Available colors are black, blue, red & White. Some heavy duty casting rods comes equipped with glassed-in brass tube for a bell holder. But if it doesn't come with a tube do i just place a bell wire through the open guides & hope it doesn't damage the ring's inserts?

Recently when local Hawaii fishing distribution giant Izuo Brothers began offering the new wire configurations of their small standard bells it made me wonder about the history of the Bell Holder? Illumination was offered by Bill Newton of Ewa Beach Buy & Sell Tackle Shop. At least i now know a little history of what we local anglers use & often take for granted. Here's my take on a little known but heavily relied on fishing necessity.



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