Chris Theobald

Please could anyone tell me of good Chub venues in the Herts, Essex and Kent areas

Goose Ganderton

Hi Chris I have had some fantastic Chub fishing on the river Medway at Fordcombe and Ashurst over the last few weeks with an average day producing 10 fish to 4Ib+ and on guy had 28 in one sitting at Fordcombe. The water is controled by Royal Tunbridgewells Angling Society also some good Barbel in the river which I have yet to catch above 2 & 3Ib but Ashurst has recently produced a 15Ib beauty.E-mail me if you want a guided tour or want to fish on a guest ticket.

Alan Cooper

Do I see and read right Goose? 15lb barbel? From the Medway? Tell me more please? Sounds great for chub too. Although I am not a zillion mile from the Medway, and have fished several rivers in Kent (Stour, Beult, Teise), I have never fished the Medway. What is it like at Ashurst - small, fast etc? Best float or leger?