Darren Wainwright

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Apr 2, 2003
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Hi Everybody,
Been a while since i last posted :)

I have been fishing for almost 2 years now - so still very much a beginner. Though lately i have been thinking of joining a club, thought it would be good for socialising and learning even more about fishing.

I had a look at the club section on this site......not much to choose from :)

Does anybody know of any AC's near the Coventry area? I always fancied the Seeswood pool, just looks great everytime i pass it but think it's a members only pool.
Do you know of any others?
What are they like, the people and place etc.
What costs are involved?
Are they hard to get into being relativley new to fishing?
Am i supposed to know someone in the club to get in (forget what it's called)?

As you can see, i have loads of Q's - just hope that you good peeps can point me in the right direction :)

Cheers in advance

Chris Bishop

Ask in your local tackle shop - joining most clubs is just a case of buying a book/ticket.

The socialising bit comes from getting to know people on the bank - have a wander round, say hello to the bloke in the next swim and have a banter.

You can also make some good contacts via sites like this one. I bet there are guys on here who live around your way and fish your local waters, just a case of asking.