Coarse & Carp Rods


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Sep 21, 2004
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I have owned these rods since new. They have always been stored in the house and been looked after.

The Abu & DAM rods are gems in great condition imo.
Silstar would suit beginner.

Would prefer collection so people can see what they are buying

ABU GARCIA PLATINUM MULTI TIP 6100 Quiver Rod. 10ft, 3 quiver tip sections, cork handle. Complete with original cloth bag. Owned from new. A lovely rod in excellent condition


DAM QUICKSTICK Leger Rod. Owned from new. 10ft, Cork handle, lined eyes, thin burgundy carbon blank, and threaded tip (for quiver and swing tips. Complete with original cloth bag Lovely rod in excellent condition.


Silstar Graphite 3553-330 Carp Rod

Owned from new. 11ft, 1.5lb test curve. Full Duplon handle with collars. Lined green fuji type rings. Complete with originl cloth bag. Little used but duplon has faded a little in places