Commercial fishermen are you satisfied with your job?


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Jan 24, 2021
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Hi everybody! Hoping for some help on this. I have a school paper due soon and my topic is on job satisfaction for commercial fisherman. Please take a couple minutes to fill out this short anonymous survey. This survey was made by me, a high school student. I live in Florida, and I am currently a sophomore. The data I receive from this survey will give information that I will use in my research paper. Overall, I will be comparing questions and answers in order to make t- tests and ANOVAAs. The t-tests and ANOVAAs provide me with a data analysis so I can make certain conclusions in my paper. My main goal is to find out data that is statistically significant because that creates a general discussion in my paper.
Commercial Fishing Industry
The link will take you to a google form on US commercial fishermen and their job satisfaction.

Really appreciate your help on this and thank you!


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Nov 1, 2015
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leafy cheshire
This is the Uk where common sense, aspirations, beliefs and intentions have been lost, thwarted, dispelled and unattainable in that order. They wish to continue to plunder diminishing resources and counter a sudden removal of the only market they had. Throw in additional paperwork which outlives the lifespan of the product and you have commercial suicide. They were warned but to no avail. Most of the fisherman voted to give up the only market they had and without a viable alternative. Their loss is the fish and Crustaceans gain.