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There appear to be two cameras in the professional line up worth considering.

1: The Canon G12
2: The Nikon P7000

There is not a lot to choose between these two. The Nikon has rather poor RAW performance taking 5 seconds to write to memory card, whilst having what I percieve to be a better lens with a 7 times zoom as against a 4 times zoom of the Canon.

Have any of you used either of these two cameras.

I tried out a Canon G11 a year or so ago and it seemed quite good.

In my next trip to the Antipodes, I don't fancy toting a D300 around like I did the last time. The P7000 uses the same memory cards as my D300 so that may be the choice.

Wobbly Face (As Per Ed)

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Hi Ron, are the zoom digital or optical? Optical is far better than digital as it keeps image quality.
I've heard the Canon's are good but not heard anything on the Nikon.

Ray Roberts

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Hi Ron, I bought the G11 after some good advice from the BC and others. I am extremely pleased with it. The G12 does not have much more to offer, except slightly better video as far as I can see.

Now might be a good time to pick up a G11 as it is being discontinued. Some of the Panasonic Lumix's are also very tempting and my previous camera was one of these and they are also worth a look.

The only downside to the G11/12 as far as I can see is they are a little bit chunky, the articulating screen is handy for self-take and a radio remote is available from Amazon for about £15.00.


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There is not much difference between the Nikon and the Canon except that you can pick up the Nikon at about £60 less than the Canon. The Nikon also has a 7 x optical zoom 28 - 200mm which is better than the Canon.

So being a Nikon man I have ordered a Nikon. I have a friend who tells me it is first class.

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Oh and the Nikon shutter time lag is much faster than the Canon. 0.3 sec against 0.45 sec.

And the flash is also a bit more potent.


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It's nearly a year since I acquired my Nikon p7000 and all in all after some pretty ardous woork, the camera has come out tops.

I particularly like the photos I took around the Sydney opera house and in South Africa. There is no doubt that the lens is superior to the Canon, but the speed of RAW plus the absence of a reversable screen is something that needs putting right.

However we now have the new Nikon p7100 due to be released later this month. Guys, there is going to be a lot of pro photographers who are going to chuck their DSLRs into the nearest skip when they see this.

The niggles with RAW have been sorted and a reversable screen has been added. I am assured that the performance of this camera, especially in terms of the quality of the lens, is truly superlative. It is the ideal serious angling photographer's camera and is not much bigger than the p7000

It costs £499.00

sam vimes

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I'm happy enough with my G12. I'm no expert when it comes to photography but it does me admirably. Not many cameras have the twist screen thing which make self takes that bit easier. The Nikon may be fantastic but I'd not swap my Canon for anything now.


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Ron the main thing with Cannon is they make all of there own components for there cameras.
Seriously I don't see how that makes much of a difference.

Many of the world's top cameras, today and in the past, have sourced components from other manufacturers, eg Hasselblad use Zeiss lenses, Leica use Sony sensors and I could go on.


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As a person who has been involved with QC at the highest level (microfiltration), and also involved with the sourcing of components from all over the world, I can tell you that you are totally wrong.

In fact what happens is that quality control is applied twice, first by the supplier, and second at final assembly by the company owning the brand name.

And I have an idea that Canon do not make the sensors on their cameras. They, like Nikon and others, get them from Sony.

Ray Roberts

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I have had the cannon for well over a year now and its done everything that I expected, its a cracking little camera.

Graham Marsden

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It's a shame the screen on the P7100 doesn't swivel, but the zoom end of the lens has a longer reach than the G12, 200mm as against 140mm (35mm equiv). And I already have a wireless remote that will work with the P7100.

There isn't a great deal to choose between the Canon G12 and the Nikon P7100, but weighing up all the pros and cons of each I've ordered the Nikon.

I had a Canon G11 and there is no doubt it's a first class camera that took some terrific shots, so it wasn't an easy decision to go for the P7100.


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Has anyone had much experience with the waterproof compacts?. I have been considering the sony version. I try to travel light when fishing and my Nikon DSLR is to big and too nice to risk using when wading.


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I have the p7000 Graham and I am delighted with it. I don't use RAW so the slow 5 second time period for processing is not noticed. I had not noticed that the viewing screen does not swivel on the p7100.

When the price comes tumbling down (it's at a penny short of £500.00) I will probably order a p7100.

What you will notice with the Nikon is the absence of a delayed action when you press the shutter. It's almost instantaneous. And you can do some wonderful macro photography without having to change lenses. It almost has every feature of a good DSLR less the expense and weight. There is no doubt that the days of the DSLR are numbered.