Cruising along in Ireland


Andrew Miller

Great acticle Graham. I would like to point out that the River Inspectors frowned upon heading into the reeds to moored on the Norfolk Broads and will tell you to move out as they say it damaging the enviroment. I think there is another rule that you are not allowed to moored more than 15 feet from the bank but I am not sure about that.

martin BATEY

Hello Andrew.

Plenty of great fishing to be had in Ireland from pleasure cruisers. A good fish finder also helps. Last summer I had the privelidge to be invited on to a local boat with two excellent fish finders on board. Fishing for pike on kilglass lake, Rooskey.

From the shannon out to Kilglass not a fish, totally dead!. Once We got out of the flow of the Shannon, Bingo!. A huge shoal of bream. A hundred yards across!

The moral of the story is if you are planning to take a trip on a cruiser then please make sure that it has a adaquate method of dispensing of it's effluent in a safe and proper manner.

Most of these vessels just dump they're shit straight into the Shannon system. No wonder it is dying on it's feet.

If you do go cruising then please watch out for our continental friends knocking pike on the head. If you see this happening, then please report it immediately to the Shannon regional fisheries board.

Untill the cruiser hire companys can get they're acts together regarding effluent control then I will not be giving them any trade.

Contact And E-mail the webmaster who will give you all the info on the damage that cruisers are doing to the shannon system.


Managing Editor
Feb 23, 1999
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You're quite right about the dumping of effluent from cruisers, which is why we have our own rule whereby we (notwithstanding emergencies) do our number twos at proper moorings where there are toilets.

However, if more caring anglers use cruisers and make the point to cruiser operators that chemical toilets and emptying facilities at mooring points are the way to go, then that's got to be better than jumping ship and leaving them to it.

Not enough caring anglers (and I emphasise the word 'caring') use cruisers to make the point by not using them.

They wouldn't notice we hadn't turned up.

So do use cruisers and tell the cruiser operators that you don't like their methods of effluent disposal and that they should do something about it.

Andrew Miller

I have to say i am shocked that effluent are dumped straight into the river in Ireland. All hire cruisers on the Norfolk Broads must have chemical toliets and every boatyards have emptying facilities.I am not sure if Ireland have any speed limits on their river but there is a very strict speed limit on the Broads. This is because excessive wash from the boat causes considerable erosion to the banks. I for one don't like rules but we must use our common sense to protect our enviroment for the future