Daiwa Infinety Limpet Bivy


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Apr 20, 2009
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Elyria, Ohio U.S.A.
Reasons I orderd Diawa Infinity Limpet Bivy. Reasonable price and extra height compared to most.

1. Good amout of room for tackle etc.
2. Material quality seems to be good.
3. Pegs good guality but plan to get some longer ones.
4. Plan to use cot, (85"L x 17.5"H x 23"w, wasn't quite
enough room, (width) for cot.
A. Added 12" ext. to strap, (non-adjustable),
provided 6" space either side of cot.
5. Bivy held up well in storm we had, heavy rain, 40 mph
winds, 60 mph gusts, only problem was puddling on top.
6. Compact to carry, (5 piece poles, (3).
7. With longer strap and 17.5"h cot, was easy in and out of
bivvy, I am 5' 9" tall.
8. Daiwa replacing tension pole that broke.

1. Tension poles are rubbish, 2 piece telescoping aluminum
with thumb screw for tighting, difficult to tighten.
2. Apeare to be weak on ends, one broke on enitle set up,
but may have been my fault!
3. Plan to use tarp over bivvy, thumb screws would damage tarp!
3. No sleeves for tension poles, allowed water to puddle on
4. Seams leak, will need sealing, normal?

1. At present using tele pole to insure lack of puddeling
on top.
2. Plan to add (glue) vinel pads with rings to (tye), hold top up,
(will solve problem).
3. At present using 2 guys (front & rear) to tension,
works well, may leave that way!

Overall: I belive will be good piece of kit after modifications
to solve puddeling problem.