Don's of Edmonton

The passing of a North London legend.

Ihave seen almost every Tackle Shop in Walthamstow close over the last fifteen years even including what was the mighty "Trev's" but I never thought that I would see the passing of Don's.

Don's for me belongs to a bygone age when it reperented to me as a lad the largest "Alladins Cave" of fishing takle that a boy could imagine. I fished all the stretches of the River Lea that I could get to by bike or busbut Don's always seemedto point in the direction of types of fishing and waters that were beyond a mere mortal such as I.

Some of these I have now experienced but a sad day when such an institution passes.


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Very sad.......part of my youth and as AD says it was a couple of hours just raking around looking at all the gear.......still have some old rods from the shop,but like the shop no longer in action....


Donald Bain

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Sadly it is not the first and will not be the last victim of this recession. I've heard whispers of other big names that are in trouble!

Ray Daywalker Clarke

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Don's closed the door's on it's second shop long ago. But what a great shop.

But there are not as many anglers around now that there used to be, and the town kids would rather sit in front of a TV with the PlayStation.

Not like us older generation, we would walk, bike and bus for miles to fish. Now the kids don't want to go unless they get dropped off at the swim, or just don't want to fish.

It's not just the fishing they miss out on, it's the wild life. Ask a kid if he has seen an Owl or a Mink, he will look at you as if you had just come out of a space craft

Shame Don's has gone, the web would not have helped, but times change, not always for the better.


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im amazed at how many little tackle shops there are still left open. With rock bottom prices on tinternet they must only see a bit of passing trade for the odd bits and pieces