Down to Earth

fred hall

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I won the first club match of the season (15lbs of bream and skimmers) but since then I've fished 21.5 hours of matches for 2 bootlace eels and 4 other bites.It includes a blank on the peg I won off!
Please tell me it's going to get better.


I Hope this will cheer you up Fred.

If you read or got the gist of the Two Rod Rule thread, which was me winding the lads up saying 'I will snatch your card'.

A couple of weeks ago I went out with a fellow bailiff checking waters in the early hours.
I spotted phil Hacket on one of the lakes, so we crept up behind him. I told the mate to ask him for his card, and I kept out of site behind some bushes.
The mate asked to see his card, then I put my hand on Phils shoulder and said to the mate 'snatch his card'.

I nearly wet myself when Phil, who still didn't know I was there said -: F??? Off Baz you B$$$$$$d, I know it's you. Hahahaaa.

fred hall

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Thanks folks, I'm starting to feel a "bit" better.
4 hour match yesterday yielded 1 roach and 4 bream for me feeder fishing at about 60 yards AND I had drawn the golden peg with a decent sum in the pot. Bad news was my catch weighing 11 ounces and the bloke on the next peg (but it was 50 yards away) just failed to make 40lbs.

Terry Comerford

I had a few hours last week, on the Severn, up at Coalport, at the Brewery Inn day ticket stretch.
The licensee of the pub, Roger, told me later, that in 1209 or something, a barge came up river and was held at anchor in mid-river, because all the 20 occupants on board, had the plague.
These people were fed and given fresh water, for 5 weeks by villagers, with long cane poles.
All the occupants of the barge died on board and the villagers decided to fire the boat and scuttle it, in mid river!
In the peg I was fishing!
No wonder I was plagued by un-hittable bites!!!