Duracell Portable Chargers


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What to do when your smartphone runs out of juice when you are out on the riverbank or otherwise away from any mains power outlet is a problem I often find myself coming up against.

I was glad to come across these Duracell portable chargers therefore and have been testing out the biggest 1800 Model (Duracell 5 Hour Mobile Phone and MP3 Portable USB: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41exrlreCQL.@@AMEPARAM@@41exrlreCQL) as well as the much slimmer but less powerful 3 Hour 1150 model. They use USB outputs and so can connect to phones, mp3 players, Kindle ereaders, bluetooth and other mobile devices that have standard USB power cables.

The 1800 model comes with both a UK and a 2 pin plug adapter that clicks into place on the body so you can charge the charger, but then unclicks easily so you can slip the charger into a bag or pocket. It is about the size of a pack of playing cards, maybe slightly smaller so easily stows away but has the most power storage capacity of the 2 devices. It has 2 USB outputs so you can charge 2 devices simultaneously if necessary and is quoted as adding an extra 5 hours of talk time on an iPhone 4 as an example.

The slightly smaller and slimmer 1150 model only has the 1 USB output and does not have the plug adapters. You charge the device by attaching it via the USB cable to a computer. It still is quoted as adding an extra 3 hours of talk time to an iPhone 4 - more than enough to get you out of a power issue and keep you going until you get back to civilisation.

Very useful devices I think and I will be carrying one with me now as a backup to ensure I can keep Tweeting from the riverbank. More importantly perhaps with the winter getting into full swing is to know I can charge my phone if it has run out of power in an emergency situation also.

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I make sure I either forget my phone or make sure it is close to running out of juice when I go fishing .Admittedly its not a smart phone but if it is important etc they can always ring me back later.