East Anglia & river Nene


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I live in North Norfolk & would like to try fishing for Barbel. The closest place I've found is Castor Backwater, Station Road, Ailsworth, Peterborough on the river Nene, does anyone know anything about this? Does the river still hold barbel?

Or does anyone have any other recommendations for places in East Anglia? I know the Wensum used to house Barbel but I can't justify any syndicate costs for where there might still be some.

I did also look on previous threads on here but couldn't find any up to date info.

Thanks in advance!



Castor is still on a day ticket and still full of barbel. They get a lot of pressure though so it pays to fish a little different from the others. Very very light baiting, staying quiet and staying mobile will see you get a fish or two. Best of luck.