Edgar Sealey Octofloat De Luxe


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I have recently acquired a rod as per title. I am about to re whip it. Does anyone know the original colour, I have seen available black/yellow, black/gold & black/amber. Any idea which is correct ?? Thanking you in advance.

john step

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I have one, which was my first proper rod. It gets an airing for nostalgic reasons every year or so. £5.10 shillings if memory serves. It has.........
MAROON whippings


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What a labour of love!

I, like many others, have carried out pretty good repair work on several rods over the years, but never, ever to the extent of that shown in Rob's post, above. Obviously someone with loads of skill and an intimate knowledge around rod building. The ability to think outside the box to solve problems is something I admire and appreciate.

Always a pleasure to read such accounts and very well written IMO.....

Thanks for that, Rob!