English anglers in France


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Dont the french anglers despise us fishing over there? or Is it just me?
My uncle (David Gifford) and I went to Lake Ribiere last August and after driving nearly 10hours to get to the lake we were basically dumped in a swim!!
We asked all week to moved but were perssistantly told NO by the bailif!
All the French anglers were constantly catching at the opposite end of the lake whereas Myself and Dave only had one fish each all week we had three runs and two fish. Just couldn't help feeling the french anglers were getting priority over us 'tourists' they were allowed to move as and when they liked.
any one else experienced this antwhere else?


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Surprise we didn,t get a re fund or a discount on our next trip , Angling Lines are such a proffesional set up.

Mind you ,l customer services did say that they were reviewing the set up with the owners of Ribs.

Chapel Lake !!!!!!!! bring it on


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matty boy its ur lil cuz ere natty girl ur image on fish magic is funkey!!! how u doin? aint spoke to u in ages luv tillie XXxXxXx

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Yes, when in France etc, I must say I`ve always found the French very hospitable and really nice people and I`ve travelled all over the country and spent time with many of them

Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt

Jasus, whats wiv them lights?????????


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Totally agree with you, the lights were only switched on to enable us to find the bivvy's as the walk from the Gites was a long one.

Also my daughter and wife would come to visit us before they tucked in for the night back at the gites.

The Solar lights were switched off once my family had gone, leaving us to be stealthy for
the one fish we had each, and one of them was caught during daylight hours.

The flag was only used for the purpose of the pic and we only used it at the end of the week.

So all in all the lights and flag were eliminated from our list of reasons why we had a poor weeks fishing at Ribiere.

Being vary advanced Carp anglers with many years experiece we can confidently say that we were the victims of a poorly run French fishing Lake.

Since Ribiere we have smashed many P.B's at other French Lakes and broken many records.

Thank you all for your comments though.

We thought it was just a good idea to show the Stiff English upper lip and to share that with you guys, sorry if we have offended anybody. " Unless its the French Bayliff of course"

Tight lines.