Essex Teach In

ian hewett

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Jul 16, 2003
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Dear Anglers this is a serious offer for any beginners or improvers who would welcome some tuition in the Essex area,then I would be more than pleased to offer My help. I would expect you to share bait cost with me but thats it. I can help with carp/course/pike/sea fishing and have over twenty years experience so if you are interested then come back to me.


Well done Ian.Shame more people arnt prepared to help out newcommers.You will find it very rewarding.As well as time spent as a full time proffesionel guide I have also ran/taken part in many teach ins.All of which I have enjoyed.No matter how much you love fishing every 20lb Pike,30lb Carp,100lb Cat etc is that little less exciting than your first.After a long time in the game it obviously becomes harder and harder to catch fish big enough too recapture that buzz.But believe you me the look on another anglers face when you have helped him catch his first"bigun" gives you that buzz! and is quite atainable.Watching a young lads face as the float dips under and the rod tip bends is magic.And despite being the "teacher" you will be amazed at how many times you will learn something too! Good luck with it mate let us know how you get on.