F&M can be transmitted in water


john conway

Latest from contact in the Lake District National Park: -

Subject: MAFF advise closure of all slipways and lake access to
reduce risk of F&M spread

I gather that MAFF have asked SLDC to close access to the lake at Ferry Nab.
Details of the precise advice are being sent to me by SLDC. Apparently they
are also asking sailing clubs to suspend racing. The reasons are the risk of
infected material being imported on trailer tyres and also the fact that F&M
can be transmitted in water.

More details will follow when I get them, but for those 'in the front line'
please be thinking about mechanisms for spreading the message.

Rob Stubbs

If (as quoted) F&M can be transmitted 40 miles in the air I doubt water will be a significant factor. Also all the info currently available suggests that most cases were a result of direct movements of animals, a few possibly wind assisted.

I think it is sensible to keep off farmland but not away from 'all' waters. Next we'll be asked not to walk or drive anywhere.


Iain Wishart

As an SLDC employee I can confirm the Ferry Nab slipway at Lake Windermere is closed.
Can I also say that all Windermere and District Angling Association Waters are closed as from yesterday (27 Feb).
It should be noted that most National Trust and Lake District National Park land is also closed to Public.

Eric Hope

Who would be a guide!!
To add a little more - it would seem most of the Lake District is now under closure. Certainly Derwentwater and all the Keswick waters are out, as is neighbouring Bassenthwaite Lake plus rivers Eden and Derwent. More new cases of F&M appearing each day so maybe this year we have a close season after all!!