Favourite Day Ticket Waters

Craig Baines

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Evening all,

Hoping that this post is o.k by the admin team (if not please let me know).

I'm looking for fellow anglers to help me with a community based project i have started, it's a map filled with all the day ticket waters across the uk, with carp related filters you can apply.

After recent struggles to find new local waters, iv'e had the idea brewing and a few weeks ago started trying to build it. The sites in its infancy, but coming along great, we just need people to start adding there favourite fisheries and hopefully start finding it useful.

Anyone can add a fishery, ill then make an attempt to contact an verify the information with the fishery owners (so in time you will hopefully start to see "verified" badges.)

Carp Cental - Carp Day Ticket Waters

Any an all feedback welcome!

Thanks all.


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Newlands Angling in Oxfordshire is both member and day ticket, The waters are on the linear complex.
Another that has the usual mixed pools but also a specimen pool is Panshill Fishery at Bicester. Fir Tree Fishery at Appley Bridge is another with a specimen lake and large carp.