First Pole


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Had a lad in the village ask me what he should buy for his first pole, at sixty he has never fished with one.

As he stated he not so good on his pins any more to scrabble around river banks and refuses to give up.

So he's looking for 13 to 14.5 metre for 400 plus ish, needs to include top kits and cupping kit. I have donated a dozen rigs to get him started

Peter Jacobs

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A pole is such a personal choice, but for that money I'd be looking at the Preston Innovations Type 210 and 310 poles.

They come with extra top kits and cupping kits.

I've used Preston poles for a long time since changing over from my beloved Milo's and have never ad any problems with them at all.

The one little problem I did have was solved swiftly and easily by Preston's after sales service people.

That said, others will have their own ideas and recommendations . . . . .


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Guys, I've just had the very same dilemma. I have recently returned to fishing after a 20 year break. I finally went for a Drennan red range RX carp 13 m.
In my opinion it was the equal of many of the other makes. However, these often were twice the money.
This is a far better pole than what I used to use in the 90s on some of the match circuits. It's far better than my old daiwa connoisseur and easily the equal of my daiwa tournament at 13m (that was a £2600+ 16m pole, useable just, at 14.5).

The drennan was picked up for £300 new and I'm totally blown away by how much performance you get for your money now. The RX is comfortably fishable at 13m (stiff and with fast recovery).
It has 2 extra top two kits and a host of accessories like cupping adaptors, skid bungs, ptfe bushes, etc

I do not work or have any association with Drennan.


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There is a 14.5m Drennan red range pole for about £400, not sure of the exact name but you get 6 top kits included and its reportedly a decent pole for the money. It's worth a look for the spares package alone.