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As above really, caught this 4lb Sea Trout or Salmon in the lower tidal Thames whilst fishing for bream ...... so there you go double red maggot ledgered on the bottom is the tactic there 😳[/URL]


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I'd like to see the photo, but the link doesn't work. Could you check it and see if it needs editing please?


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thames mudlarker

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Sea Trout :thumbs:

I've had 1 meself about 10 years ago on the tidal Thames at Barnes whilst trotting for roach and dace at low water,
Had it within the first hr of the flood tide :thumbs:


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Thanks guys, It was certainly an interesting fight on such light line.. i knew it wasn't a usual species of fish when i could feel a pinging against the line which in hindsight was the teeth ! Very fortunate to get it in 😂. Went back with good strength also which was nice to see.


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Yes sea trout, can tell by the square edge to the tail, and the maxillary bone on the upper jaw extends behind the corner of the mouth. Nice fish anyway, I like sea trout.used to fish for them a lot,
I'm not steady on my feet anymore once it goes dark, so night I fishing for them is out now, I'm afraid.🎣


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Yep..... definately a sea trout. As my Learned Friend says the square tail is a dead giveaway.

Graham Elliott 1

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I used to catch quite a few in the Loddon.

Generally "slob" fish that have just visited the estuary.

My research was with a Professor in Scotland, recomended by the EA who initially told me they were escaped rainbows, until I sent them a few pics.

He told me they were fish stocked as brownies in the Duke of Wellington estate upstream. Generally 1 and half to 4lb.

Neil Maidment


And quite a few get up the Loddon and Blackwater (a long way to travel). I've had them to nudging 8lbs as well as a whole load of escapee rainbows (from said Estate). Some of those rainbows were well into double figures and loitered around for a week or two. Those that survived all the attention could be charted, when caught, as they made their way downstream for many miles over a period of weeks. Ruined my barbel fishing for several weeks!