Fishing Allstars


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I watched M&W then switched over to the last half hour of Alls. But to be fair I enjoyed both programes, liked that there was some variety going on in Alls instead of carp all the time and on home soil, that makes a nice change.
I got talking to a lady in a shop the other week and I don't know how but fishing came up. She said M&W was her treat after a hard day with a glass of wine. Knew absolutely nothing about fishing just loved the program and the banter..
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The Mortimer and Whitehouse Go Fishing programme as something all the others lack and that is, emotion.
The final scenes on the bridge, call me an old romantic, bought a tear to the eye.
To me it was without a doubt the best fishing programme I have watched. It summed up why after 50 years go I still fishing with the same group of friends. The actual fishing is just a small part of the day.


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Agree totally with the above. The series has shown that fishing isn’t all about catching, in fact far from it. Friendship and enjoyment of the environment shine through. The shots of the Ribblehead viaduct truly stunning.

Can’t imagine them stretching to a third season but it wouldn’t surprise me if a spin off came from this.

Sad that Paul’s dad never got to see his son in the series.
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