Fishing Buddy Wanted...


Jeff Butler

Hello, Is there anybody from the south Herts area (Cheshunt, Hertford, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon or Enfield-Middlesex) Who Sea fishes alone? If you do but fancy some company then please email me cos I love going fishing but am not on the road at the moment... Will go halfs on petrol etc and can get about locally to meet up... Enjoy Beach, Boat Rock and Pier fishing and don't mind what locations I visit....
Let me know,

Richard Baker 4

New member

I live in Clapham and mainly fly fish for all sorts of species. However I've coarse and sea fished for years as well. I now don't coarse fish anymore but really want to get into sea fishing. I normally sea fish on the south cornish and devon coast a few times a year for wrasse and pollack. However I'd love to have a crack at other species.

I've got the gear and am fairly competant. I just need to be shown a few new techniques. I drive and am prepared to travel around. Let me know if you fancy some company.