Fishing in Ireland


Neil Higgins

I'd love to spend a week in Ireland later in the year with a friend or two to do some serious fishing and unwinding. Having never been before, I'd be grateful for any suggestions on where to go, places to stay and just what sort of tackle and bait I should be taking along. As those who have been can image it's a little overwhelming!!!


Dave O'L

What do you fancy Neil?
I'm not an Irish expert but Sea is OK but can be patchy. Kerry is good cos the boats can't trawl there (but the ladies can, bum bum).
Salmon/sea trout are possible & it's not expensive in West Cork. Where I go, Sept is the best month.
Trout & coarse all have their areas but I've not really had too much experience. Lakes in W. Cork have small wild brownies & good walking & scenery to get there.
Lee in reputidly has good bream & of coarse (ho ho) the Shannon.

Other things to consider is, if it's just mates I presume you don't have others ie family to consider?
Do you want a variety of fishing, night life, views etc when not fishing?

Philip Cadman

Hi neil,
Ive been to ireland quite regularly
stopping in the cavan area, fishing mainly loughs for bream,although there are plenty of roach and tench, i have founed prebaiting
is essential with caster, sweetcorn and plenty of groundbait all of which can be purchased at your lodge.I stayed at sui muire in ballinamore where the host has a good knowledge of the area and there is always anglers to help. hope trhis helps you


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Feb 23, 1999
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Best Irish holidays I've ever had were on a cruiser on Lough Ree and the river Shannon in that area. Mobile luxury bivvy, no drink/cruising laws (moored up of course!) no tackling/untackling each day, a girl in every 'port' (in my younger days of course!) and massive bags of fish to the point where I had to stop fishing to have a rest.

Haven't been for a few years so I don't know if the fishing is any different on Ree.

Phil Hatton

I used to have a week in Carick-on Shannon now and again.Nice town,great B&B's and a couple of decent pubs.It's within easy reach of good fishing,both still and running water.Tench,bream,roach and pike all over the place.I don't know if she is still in business but we used to stay with a Mrs Deas,lovely women and the digs are very much angler orientated.Huge meals,early starts,packed lunches and two hundred yards to the pub.

Dave O'L

Just a thought, my mates in Ireland have had to close down as a B&B due to new fire regs as of last year. These regs require integral fire alarms, automatic fire doors etc for everyone. It's just not worth their while to spend the money to stay open.

The reason for me bringing this up is there may be a big change on the B&B front in Ireland, as many other locals like them are packing it in. Consequently any old favourites may no longer be there & the prices may well go up???

Jay Thomas

i had a much longer message to put in but it just dissappeared! is there a reason for this? like a limit at which you lose it all? there was some really good info in it too that you'll all have to do without now!
sulky j

Peter Keith

Anglers World, see FISHINGmagic travel, are offering fishing holidays in Portumna, Co Galway. I caught my first fish there and it's a superb place for a holiday as well as fishing.

Also worth looking at Leisure Angling on travel section as well.

dave mac

give barry a ring at empire angling his number is usually in the times. i,ve been with him the last couple of years his prices are spot on and his knowledge is good as he,s over there himself a lot
But beware give yourself time when you ring him as he can talk the hind leg off a donkey
p/s enjoy the guinness