Fishing in winter


Ryan Hunter

I am having difficulties catching fish in the winter now. Do you know any tatics that you can tell me to catch these carp. I would be very greatfull if you could tell me anything. I have just started to use pva string and I was wondering if it would attract the fish in winter. Also is pva bags better than pva string.

Mike Fidler

Ryan, obviously you mean a stringer of boilies with a high attract hook bait. Always works well, but there are other considerations first. Unless your a real tough nut carper, stay away from the deep big pits and concentrate on well stocked fairly shallow waters. I've noticed in shallower venue's carp are much more active and need to keep moving. Something about the thermal layer. Also you can spot moving fish. Baitwise try single hook baits, I caught a lot of fish using honey and nut pop-up's and dip, with nothing else fed.
Apr 13, 2000
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I think location is the key factor sorry precise this being the important of my mates fishing the Mere not the southern session.Along comes another mate doubles up with him for the day fishing basicaly the same water.five fish to 37 lbs.