Fishing mates wanted


Hi all out there,
My real name is Mark, been fishing for as long as i can remember, new to the forum section of Fishing Magic.
I live in Ashford Kent, Mid Kent Fisheries member Tier 3 at the moment, and am looking for some mates to go fishing with. Get plenty of time to fish but get a bit brassed off always fishing on me own.
I fish for anything that swims, from sitting behind buzzers for carp to float fishing for whatever turns up; bit of a cross between pleasure and specialist, mind you I think we all fish for pleasure if the truth be known.
So if anyone in the East Kent area fancies meeting up for trip drop me a line

Cheers all and good fishing

Rodney Wrestt

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Welcome aboard Mark, I'm sure there will be someone on the site who's from in or around your area that will appreciate the excuse to get out on the bank :)


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Hello mrgent and welcome to fm, keep a eye out for the fm fish-ins and if they have one near you go along
Welcome to FM. I don't get out as often as I'd like to. Mrs North and I live on the London side of Kent but we do travel around a bit. Like you, we are basically all rounders that participate in most fishing disciplines.



Morning all
Thanks for the welcome and replies. Won't be getting out much in the next few days, that horrible white stuff has returned to my part of the world. Time to tie up some hook lengths and rigs. :)