Fishooked Fisheries Guide


peter webber

In the fishing section of the sun today by stan piecha there is a piece about the FISHHOOKED cd.
In it he says that and I quote:
If you are considering buying the cd-rom called fishhooked, a uk and irish fisheries directory, for christmas- DON'T.
The ?19.99 disc doesn't live up to it's "best where to fish guide" clam.
Well is stan piecha right? or is it just another load of bull that we are used to from the papers?
Do you have the cd? if so what do you think of it?

Rob Stubbs

I haven't got it or seen it but I would never pay 20 quid for such a 'product'. There's loads of very good sites about that list places to fish - I seem to recall a very good one called (??).

Failing that ask on one of the forums and that usually throws up some useful info.