Float fishing a weirpool


Mat HIllman

I've been feeder fishing a local weir pool this winter, and doing OK. catching a few chub, but now the weather is warming I want to have a go at float fishing the same swims.

Whats the best way to feed Maggot in fast flowing water, should I feed by hand and fish a long trot to cover the area the feed will spread, or would a bait dropper be a better idea to get some bait down on the bottom closer to me ?

Target species with be roach dace and chub!


jason fisher

personally i'd stick to feeder till the summer mat.

When i'm float fishing i feed by hand just a few maggots each cast straight in front of me then cast over them slightly down stream.

the problem you will have is gauging the feed levels when you aren't getting many bites because it's cold. plus wind playing havoc with your line.

where as in summer if you've got fish there they will feed, you won't have so much problems with the elements and you can concentrate on getting the float through with the feed under control knowing that when you get it right the float will disapear with a fish on.

big boy

would'nt it be better and easier to use a stick float or waggler with a feeder 10 inchs away from the hook?????.