Float making.

ken more

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I'm not a very good float angler (waggler) mainly on Canal's and things, but they look very nice indeed:) Thanks for the pics

Keith M

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Below is a tuturial from A.M.

In the past eople have found it very useful for making their own floats.

I hope some members try it out and post their results on this thread. :)

How to make a fishing float - balsa waggler
In the past this is basically the same way that I used to make my own floats, with added balsa bodies on some to make bodied wagglers, and with short lengths of copper doweling at the bottom of some to make semi-loaded 'Onion Wagglers' etc.

Mine certainly weren't masterpieces like PurplePeanut's or Andrew Fields but they all worked fine :)

I don't do it any more but I had many hours of fun when I was younger during the old closed season.

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To thin to be a newel post so it must be a spindle. Mind you on second thoughts it is a newel post because of the square bottom.


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Grean Hart hardwood stem for a stick or avon. :)

The block at the base needs cutting off and the spigot at the top needs further shaping. :D