floatants for dry flys?


gilbert williamson

does anybody know of any superb make of floatant that actually floats a fly. ive tried several diffrent brands and none of them really works very well.

Ron Clay

Gherke's Gink and Permafloat are the two best I have ever used.

Permafloat was devised by **** Walker and formulated by his local Hitchin chemist - Arnold Neave many years ago.

Rob Jones

You could try Watershed (I got mine from Sportfish). You need to apply it 24 hrs before use to allow it to cure, so it's best kept near your tying bench (if you tie your own).

For emergers (shipmans, DHE etc.), I use BTs floatant (off Steve Parton) which I find keeps its gel properties even in hot weather.

Martin Wright

Gink is good but a bit of a nuisance to use when it's a bit chilly since it cloggs up the hackles.

Permaflote is very good and I think is now available again - it just needs a few false casts to dry it.

Jon Leckie

Gink is as good as anything but the secret is to apply it only to the tail and wings of the fly. This keeps the weight of the floatant to a minimum it does mean that the fly wil sit in the surface film but the fish seem to prefer tht