Floats moving about in box?


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How do you match guys stop your floats rolling about free in your box? My draws are slim, so you cannot put a float tube in them. I just don't want to damage them in transit?




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Ahaha, that's what they do is it Peter. Bless you, bet I can find some of that stuff in my local diy shop, or even use pipe lagging I've tons in the loft. Oh dear, another project Misses B.

David Rogers 3

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Most of my floats are slim-bodied (quills or crystal wagglers), so I put them in a rolled up zip-seal freezer bag, which fits nicely into one of the narrow trays in my tackle box.


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If you know any conservatory fitters, try and get some of the thicker polycarbonate sheets, ideal for floats and fit
in the drawers of most seat boxes,


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It's not the answer you're after, but I keep my floats in tubes, and carry the tubes in my holdall. I keep the precious drawer space - more drawers = more weight - for other items.


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I have some in tubes for roaming and such but most (and there are many) simply sit in two shallow/wide float compartments in my tackle box where they've been rolling about for years with little sign of wear, but I do give the odd one or two a fresh dip of paint occasionally.

Peter Jacobs

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Here is a thought . . . . . the more floats you put in the drawer then the less chance there is that they will move around . . . . seems like a win-win to me ;)