Fluorocarbon line


Eddie Caldwell

I've tried several with mixed success. One I used snapped nearly every time I pulled a knot tight and I can only think it was part of a "duff" production run. The best I've used is Fulling Mill 6lb: it's never let me down and is easy to knot. I'm not so keen on their 4lb line. Ithink it's so thin that it won't sink through the surface film unless I apply a line sinkant.
I'd be pleased to read other opinions on this.


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Feb 23, 1999
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Eddie, the worst I've used, and totally unreliable, was Berkeley Vanish. The best ones I've used are Sufix Invisiline, Riverge, Wychwood and the one I'm currently trying, Aerflo Sightclear. You can buy Sightclear as a sinker or floater.

It's also a good idea to experiment with knots, for some strange reason it does seem that a knot that suits one line doesn't necessarily suit another.

Alan Roe

I'v been using Masterline Illusion for the last couple of seasons and I am happy with it though you would do well to heed Grahams words about tying the knots, a little extra care is a good plan though to be fair I have experienced no problems due to knot failure.

Rick Bernard

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Sep 16, 2002
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I had also experienced mixed results with differing manufacturers F/Carbon. That said, I was told by a local bailiff that the most important aspect of using flourocarbon is the type of knot you use. Apparently, if you use a half blood knot (tucked or not) you can reduce the breaking strain by up to 70%. It had something to do with F/Carbon being quite hard on the outside and soft in the middle and therefore liable to being "crushed". At least, that;s what he said.

He recommended using a "double grinner" knot for attaching flies and "water knot" for leader, droppers etc.. I've been trying this for 3 or 4 months now and have experienced much more consistent results.

Worth a try perhaps?

Stu Black

Got to agree with Graham, re the Berkley Vanish. I did buy it cos it was the cheapest mind!

Ron Troversial Clay

I have been using fluoro for leaders ever since it was available.

Now here are the best.

1:Sightfree 2: Uncle Jacks 3: Riverge 4: Drennan

The VERY best is Stren or Seaguar. Not available in the UK at present but not more than 8 USD for 250 yards.

I will repeat what I have written in the coarse fishing sections of FM.

Good fluorocarbon line is made from polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) which has a refractive index more close to water than polyamide (nylon). Therefore it is more difficult to see. It is, however, not "invisible".

One quick way of telling PVDF from the cheaper pretenders is to burn it. When you take the flame away the line must not carry on burning. Much of the cheaper lines use nylon which is coated with PVDF. It will carry on burning.

PVDF is much heavier than nylon. It does not require mud or other concoctions to sink it. PVDF also does not suffer from hydrolysis, or attack from ultra violet light as nylon does.

Knots, yes you have to experiment a bit. For tying on a fly I use a simple 1/2 blood knot with spit on it; about 5 turns

Never had that trouble with this knot.