Fly Rods, are they overpriced?


Rob Brownfield

Goose, I can recommend companies, but I would need a little more detail to recommend specific rods.

Have a look at the Daiwa WF98 range, Greys new GRX series ( or maybe Shimano. All three do some smashing rods for under ?100.

If you look in Trout Fisherman you will see many fly rods heavily discounted just now. It's worth a flick through.

Also, if you can stretch to an extra ?50, Scierra, Loop and several other firms do some amazingly good rods.

Ron Clay

Greys GRX series are well worth looking at. Try Carrilon as a supplier. Rob Clarke will often throw in a reel or two lines with the deal

Colin Brett

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Jan 6, 2003
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Cambridge UK
Greetings all,

First posting on this site, so many apologies before I start.

I am still using my old fibatubes built by by John Hutchinson [Alan Brown rod maker]cost me ?55 each, they still work well and I seem to catch just as many trout as my mate with his fancy Sage thingy. I will admit that as I get older they take a bit of bending but I can still heave out a good line. Strikes me it's not the rod that catches the fish, it's the bloke wielding it, whether it costs ?55 or a rip off ?500.