Foul-weather shelter for short sessions


Andrew Spreadbury

Does anyone know of a suitable shelter that could be used for short session carping i.e. 4-8 hr. day sessions? It must have a small ground area, be light to carry and pack up small otherwise the advantage of mobility etc. is lost. Umbrellas (oval and conventional) are next to useless in swirling wind and rain and all shelters and domes seemed designed for use with bedchairs and half a ton of equipment. Just because I go fishing with only a Fox Exel chair, a carp table, and a carryall doesn't mean I don't get wet when it rains!

Carp Angler

I have a Gardner Pop-up Bivvy.
Absolutely perfect for day only sessions.
Takes about 2.5 seconds to put up and about 4 seconds to put away.
Complete single skin dome type thing with zip down door.
A bit flimsy, absolutely useless for extended night time winter sessions, but perfect for what you describe.

The problem with most quick erect shelters and the like, is that they are all umbrella based and thus have an open front, which means you get wet in swirly rain and wind, and they are little better than a basic umbrella.
Only trouble with the Gardner is I don't think they make them anymore.


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Feb 23, 1999
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Try a wanted ad in the Classifieds - you never know.

Stewart Bloor

I've really started using a Rod Hutchinson Bedchair Brotel. Really quick and easy to put up, you can add storm poles and peg it in if necessary. Ideal for short sessions or overnighters.

Graham Palmer

Try an all in one suit...Sundridge is good, if money is a problem Relum gear is 100% waterproof thats what i do, if it gets really bad i put the umbrella up

Andrew Spreadbury

Thanks to all who have replied to this thread. I shall certainly be looking at the Brotel and Gardner Pop-up.

There's another issue however - that of physical size.

The advantage of the short/day session is that you can move around the lake while the bivvy-boys are still fast asleep - and of course there are some swims completely ignored because the current crop of domes/tents/shelters are just too big to put up in them. To take advantage of mobility and fishing small swims you need a 'small footprint' shelter. I remember seeing something in an 'Argos' catalogue once which purported to be a 'Fisherman's Shelter'. It looked a bit 'Mickey-Mouse' and would make 'serious' carp anglers roll on the ground with laughter! For physical size however it looked about perfect.

I had a measure-up of the ground area I occupy when fishing and it seems to be about 1 metre wide x 1.2 metres front to back, and would need a height of 1.3 metres to clear the top of my head. This is tiny in comparison to the domes currently on sale but fairly describes the size of swim I'm looking to fish.

The all-weather suit is a realistic solution; all you would need is something to cover the carryall and table, plus it has the added advantage that you can observe the lake effectively at the same time. It's just not possible to do this from the inside of a bivvy.