Fox Warrior 12ft Method Feeder Rod


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Jul 2, 2009
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I used my new Fox Warrior method rod for the first time at the weekend, targeting carp at my local lake.

When I first looked at the rod I was pleasently surprised by the understated graphics. I am not a fan of bright colours and logos on rod blanks and this rod has none of those. The logo is in dark red and unless you look closely it is nice and inconspicuous. The whippings are also the same colour as the dark grey blank.

The rod comes with only two tips - 2 and 3 oz. It comes in three sections which did not please me as I like to leave my rods set up in a quiver. With the quiver fitted the three sections are of equal length. The handle is 50/50 cork and duplon and is very comfortable to hold.

I paired the rod up with an Okuma Epix Pro 30 baitrunner. Together they felt perfectly balanced. I fished a 28g cage feeder with 8lb mono and the whole set up felt just right.

Although I was fishing very close in I did have a couple of test casts. I loaded my cage feeder and then moulded a tangerine sized ball of groundbait around it (the method feeder is banned at my local lake so this was the nearest I could go to doing a proper test). I gave it a hefty cast and I was more than impressed.

I hooked and landed several carp and the rod performed flawlessly. The rod has a progressive action and took on a nice curve. My carp averaged 8 or 9lb but I was rewarded with a 20lb 2oz carp on my lst cast. The rod managed to tame the fish with ease, despite several attempts to reach a thick bed of lillies!

My only complaint about this rod is that I feel the eyes on the tips are too small. For some reason alo my line repeatedly wrapped around the tip and I am surprised I didn't lose a few inches of carbon!

Despite the last comment and my preferance for two sectioned rods I am VERY happy with it and having paid approximately £65 for it it represents fantastic value.

If you are looking for a method or heavry feeder rod then look no further than this!
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