Freezer Burns on Boilies


Andy Thatcher

Does it make a difference ?

Got into a discussion with a fishing mate today about the above. I have used boilie's since the mid 80's or so and have used "burnt" boilies all that time. I really do not think it makes too much of a difference to the bait where as my friend does. Thinking about it as soon as the paste is boiled it is denatured and I'm not certain that freezer burns are anything other than loss off moisture, I have never done any comparisons on this has anyone out there ? Whatcha think ?


Carp Angler

I haven't done any comparisons, but I'm quite happy to use 'burnt' boilies, corn, hemp whatever.
As I havent done any comparison tests I can't say whether it has effected my catch rate or not.

If your mate is worried about it, drop some glug into the bag as they defrost and the burn disappears.

Philip Inzani

I am happy to use baits with burn on them.
Actually what do you think about refreezing unused bait ? Its so expensive that I am a bit loath not to use it again.
Everyone seems to think its a definate no-no but I seem to catch the same amount on refreezed baits as fresh ones but I have not done any 1 on 1 comparison tests on the same day.

My own rule of thumb is that if the bait still smells/looks alright I will refreeze it and use again. I will not use baits refreezed twice for freebies or hook baits, I will only use those in groudbait.

What do you think ?

John Tait

Philip, I have no qualms about re-freezing my unused bait - but then again, I know exactly what it contains (it is a mix I designed myself, just me and my nephew use it), and I am happy with the results we get on it.

Admitted, we never take a huge amount, usually about a kilo for a day session, and it stays in the freezer until time to leave home, so is usually just nicely thawed when we reach the waterside.

Sometimes, we will use the `left-overs` to bait up with, particularly if we are returning to the same water the following day, but other times it comes back and gets re-frozen.



Managing Editor
Feb 23, 1999
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There are some baits I prefer to have as fresh as possible, and others I prefer, let's say, 'mature'. And yet others I'm not too bothered about one way or the other.

Fresh: maggots, casters, deadbaits for pike.

Mature: most particles, including hemp and tigernuts, cheesepaste, deadbaits for cats.

Not bothered (providing they don't smell 'off'): boilies and some pastes.

The baits I list are not definitive, but just a few I can think of without pondering for too long.

Andy Thatcher

I will refreeze but it does depend on the "off" factor but usually do not as I will take out a little bait more than I need putting in the unwanted bait into areas I think or know fish will feed. On going prebaiting really. I do this on all the waters I know I will be returning to. I also do this with any type of bait as it give me confidence, that's what's it all about !
As for matey I told him to glug if he was that worried but each to his own.

Rob Brownfield

I tend to air dry my boilies...solves the problem totally! Even fishmeals are fine although I would probably freeze High Protein baits due to the milk powders etc. Does anyone still use HP baits as advocated by Maddocks in the 80's?

Andy Thatcher

Nope not for years, hold on let me ratify that, not for carp I have been playing with high proteins for barbel for a season or two. I am going to drop it as cost out weighs benefit by a significant margin. Thinking back that was why I stopped using HP/HNV's for carp as well. There is also the possibility that the waters I was fishing were not appropriate for that type of bait.