fry up tonight......

peter crabtree

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Walking back from the Colne tonight I was walking along the bank of a local pit which has sadly declined as a silverfish venue due to bird predation. It does however hold bream ,carp, perch and tench. I noticed some disturbance on the surface and saw big shoals of 1 inch long fry up on the surface, occasionally they were scattered by what I presume were jacks or big perch. My local knowledge made me think they were perch, anyone else seen this baitball effect if so which species do you think these were?


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Hi Peter i now and again see these balls of fish on my local and they are always perch

Ray Roberts

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I've seen the much the same on a water that I used to fish, there were perch driving the fry into the shallows. I didn't have any spinners, so I used some lobworms that I had injected with air to make them float. I had over a dozen perch all between two and three pounds.

I went back the next week with some fly gear and fry imitations, thinking that I would murder them in the margins and in the mean time there had been a cold snap and I didn't get a sniff of a perch. I was surprised at the aggression with which the perch attacked the fry in the margins they were throwing themselves clear of the water in their efforts to get away.