Fun Fishing During Passing Storms!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Met A Fellow Diver & Angler Today-Hunter Young!

I tried to go North but the fast moving front made that a problem. So i ended up the only drenched pier angler for hours in the pouring rain. When the weather started to clear some anglers started to arrive, amazingly i knew most of them. Then a young man appeared, Hunter Young of Instagram & YouTube. He's a 13yr old who spear fishes & hits the shoreline casting. He's what i used to be!

I liked this young man. Extremely knowledgeable & easy to chat with. By noon most everyone had left due to the bad weather system. I had to bench my Alcove Pro Cine Action Camera because it wasn't water proof. I took out my older Contour Roam#3 that was my back-up. It was low on power but was able to video enough action before it died. I hooked 7 fish & brought 4 in. Also i released everything. I really had a great day even though i was drenched. Got to meet nice fun people to chat with & help out.