Further Thoughts on Fly Fishing


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Oct 21, 2002
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Nice one Ron.....my own little bit of fly fishing heaven is a small brook and my mega light set up.....7ft rod, a small reel loaded with a number 5 floating cow dung coloured (dyed) line.

Whilst it is always nice to catch a decent sized fish i can honestly say it really doesn't matter......it is just being out with such light gear in such intimate places that do it for me.......much more than stillwaters.

My hand made " leaded shrimps" are an abortion, but they actually catch fish! lol


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Nov 14, 2000
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Rotherham South Yorkshire
Yes Brummie, one most important aspect of fly fishing is that the size of the fish doesn't really matter, its the quality of the fish and whether it is "grown-on" or not.

And HOW the fish was caught.

Some of the most enjoyable trout fishing I ever experienced was in a tiny stream which cascaded down from the Eastern Cape Drakensberg. It was full of wild browns up to 2 lbs. And I can tell you that to hook a brown of this size in such a stream on a 4 or 5 weight outfit is twice as exciting as hooking a 20lb Trevally in the surf.