German License Requirements


Rob Brownfield

Its been mentioned by a few now about the license requiremtns in Germany. Below are the requirements before fishing :-

License Requirements. German Nationals and expatriates living and working in Germany (NATO/US Military Excluded) must complete months of instruction on fish habitat and biology, fishing regulations, and general knowledge before they can be tested and become licensed fishermen. Yes, I do mean tested. Anything and everything from the types of scales, number of eggs, and habitat of the different species to the required test of line required to catch them can be asked.

Ah, don’t get discouraged, there is good news. U.S. tourist and business travelers can fish in Germany using a temporary license and without the test. An "Auslander" (that’s a foreigner) can purchase a temporary fishing license in Bavaria that is good for three months. It costs 45 DMs (about $25 depending on the exchange rate). Other states in Germany have similar systems in place to allow foreigners to fish. Just remember, once you have the fishing license you still have to pay for the right to fish, and all fish in season and of legal size must be killed immediately if they are going to be kept. It is also considered cruel to use stringers and other similar devices.

U.S. military personnel stationed in Germany (states of Hessen, Baden-Wurttemburg, and Bavaria) must complete a 2 week (30 hour) course that covers much of the same information the Germans learn. Our U.S. military members must also take and pass a 100 or so question test before they can purchase a German fishing license at the local city hall (Rathaus). The regular license costs approximately 50 DMs per year depending on where you purchase it.

Temporary "Auslander" licenses can be purchased at almost any City Hall or "Rathaus" of most medium size cities. The actual office is called the "Landrats" or "Ordnungsamt". The easiest way to make it all work is to locate where you want to fish, talk to the water rights holder, and have him or her coordinate directly with the local authorities. Local fishing stores owners can also be a big, big help. They are usually listed under Angle –sport, fischerei, or something real similar.

Hope this helps.

Ray Bewick

The wishy washy liberal in me says 'what about the poor, kids etc.'

As you may know Rob, i've always considered there are too many 'fisherman' in the UK so I say 'Good job too' keeps the fishin' for us 'proper' Anglers, what ever that is!.

There is always the interpretation of 'all fish must be killed' aspect, I cannot kill them unles I want to eat them but hey, don't use a keepnet put 'em straight back!, hence no intent too keep.

The interpretation of German requirements may have lead to the German anglers killing all those big pike in Ireland over the years.


david granger

hi unfortunatly in germany the "antis" won by saying it was" cruel to fish for sport" so now
people don`t fish for "sport" as this involves putting them back they fish to catch fish .on another
note if hunting by dogs is banned completely then we`re next ,people only see the bad side
of angling (the line tangled around birds , rubbish , dead fish etc ) unfortunately without us anglers to look after
the waters there would be very few fish to catch!!!! dg