Getting back into it.


Hi everyone

Used to fish with my dad a little when I was a kid I'm 49 now.
But this last year or so I have been fishing on site lakes etc when I've been camping and I'm really enjoying it

I'm using a Leeda carp waggler rod with a daiwa sweepfire 2550x reel.

However I want to upgrade my licence to 3 rods and get 3 matching setups.

I dont want to spend mega money, I'm looking for recommendations for a good rod and reel combo.
I tend to fish for carp mostly.

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Ray Roberts

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The Tackle Box are nice people to deal with, I was in there earlier today. They are trying to get a result for me on my Drennan Acolyte Plus which is out of warranty. It has a broken tip. I bought it from a tackle dealer who has since ceased trading. It says much for them that they would even try.

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I’ve only been in The Tackle box once and was very impressed listening to conversations going on at the counter.

It’s a good job it’s not a bit closer to me.:eek:mg:


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Another vote for Tackle Box. If you want 3 matching rods and reels try Gumtree or eBay as many people think they do and buy them only to find the interest wanes and they are for sale. Other than spurious aesthetics I have never understood why 3 matching rods and reels are needed. I would buy 3 different rods, well able to deal with carp( most are) and 3 different reels so that I could judge catching carp on a typical carp rod( heavy, no feel and rings like lifebelts) then a good feeder rod with a nice light baitrunner and finally a decent float rod which will catch you a whole range of fish including carp.

This way if the cult of carp loses its attraction you have some suitable gear for the nicer parts of Angling. If you must, buy one and see if you like it and if it's materially better than the one who have. Would you buy 3 suits the same colour? I'll sell you mine as I learned my lesson as surely you will.:)

There are lots for sale second hand and the shop sales start later this month so bargains can be had. As to rods for carp I wouldn't bother as stated. Welcome to the forum and enjoy the wealth of knowledge available. Is Trows Lane still a carp water.