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rick darvell

i am a carp fisherman from suffolk.
I am shortly going to book a weeks fishing on Waveney Valley c lake.
Could anyone tell me what bait seems to be constantly successful on there.
Also does anyone know if the far margins produce fish.
Any help would be handy.


depends on the water ...............I know quite a few lakes where you can only fish from one bank and the fish sit tight to the opposite bank and if you dont get a bait tight to it ,you dont catch


plus, if "everyone" fishes the far bank, that's where all the bait goes, so that's where the fish feed. you've got more than one rod though, have a play around.

they are a "few" years old, but Tim Paisley did a bit on Waveney, there's stuff on it in his books.....

slime monster

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whilst totally agreeing with Cakey and Frothey on the the the no cast no win venues an example of contradiction on advice as to where to place a bait is the huntspill river in somerset ,THE way to fish it on a feeder is to cast two thirds distance across ........even if its double bank fishing .


most of the huntspill has a ledge though hasn't it? another margin....

the other thing is that fish get caught at 2/3 as thats where people fish - you're never going to catch half way across without a rod there!

besides, i only said put one rod over there......


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Fish the far margins cos you can bang in bivvy pegs, run around and shout at your mates without spooking fish. /forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif