Good venue

Carl Harding

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Looking for a good venue for a 5 day fish later in the summer guy's not to far from Norfolk, and a place where we can catch some fish!!!

not looking for doubles in particular just good sport!!

Any ideas?

Dave Rothery

catch 22 - probably a bit easier if you want to catch a few

Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt

Taverham Lakes

Carp to 34:09, Pike to 28:06, Tench to 9:12, Bream to 3:04,
Crucian Carp to 3:04, Roach and Perch are also present.
Roach to 2:05 Chub to 6:00 Dace, Perch and Pike are also present

The Ringland Lakes are now being managed in partnership with Norfolk Anglers' Conservation Association to improve both the site and quality of fishing available.
Lake 1, Day's Lake, is the prime water on the complex and offers a good standard of mixed species specimen fishing. Carp to over 34lb are present together with tench to over 9lb. There is a fine head of crucians to over 3lb together with bream to 6lb, roach to 1lb 8oz and pike to 26lb.
Lake 2, Podson's Lake, is still being improved but has now been stocked and is producing small carp and roach together with tench to 3lb and small crucian carp to 2lb. Further re-stocking of the lake is planned.
Lakes 3 and 4, The Rainbow lakes, have been managed in a similar fashion to Podson's and are popular with pleasure anglers, containing carp to 10lb together with crucians, bream, roach, rudd, tench and perch.
Lake 5, Gorse Lake, is shallow but contains plenty of fish including tench and bream to 6lb, quality rudd and perch and carp to 20lb and pike to 16lb.
The stretch of the River Wensum available is a poor summer fishery but produces some challenging chub fishing in the winter with fish to over 6lb. Some good roach and pike are also taken.

Night fishing allowed

Ringland Lane, Old Cottessey, Near Norwich, Norfolk.

Lolly pop store on site

Chris Bishop

How about Pentney lakes, near King's Lynn. Good mix of waters, helpful on-site bailiff who's a top old boy.

Carp Angler

I wouldn't go back to Waveney again on the day tickets and I certainly wouldn't rent a caravan/swim.

Carl Harding

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I agree about Waveney we had a nightmare there and the fish we caught were in awful condition...

My old mate Jacko Runs Cobbleacre now and that should be a great water this summer