Got past the mud, caught a barbel!


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Jul 11, 2017
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Cahors, France
Spring has arrived here on the Lot, so Sally and I decided on a scenic drive and a bit of river exploration for me.

Of course I packed a rod and said to my wife " just for twenty minutes fishing" - which she understands now is a brazen lie!

Stopped at this village just off the river for a photo of some early blossom, with a backdrop that is genuine France!

Spring 21.jpg

Then back to the river which has dropped 7 metres this last week or so. The river looked good and was at almost summer flow - but everything was covered in inches of silt.

So onwards to the weir upstream which looked promising - but for some reason I wanted to fish back at the muddy section. Intuition maybe!

new weir swim feb 21.jpg

So, first cast at the muddy bit and a barbel quite quickly......

Barbel Feb 21.jpg

Sally was brave to slide down to take the photo, I found a flat stone to kneel on. Nearly launched myself into the river as it was not just the fish slid back!

Stayed for another couple of casts and missed one more good bite. Did not want to push my luck with Sally by staying longer, I did say "just 20 minutes fishing, Dear" after all! :unsure: