Graham Marsden retirement MEGA Fish-in


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Oooooop North

Charity, give me some idea's????????

Date to be confirmed, i just want some idea's on who's coming.

Food will be a BBQ, Wol's BBQ, nuff said.

Will be without doubt the best FM doooooooooo ever.
I'm in......can we get the full wallet placed on an altar of Donkey Pies, with an honour guard of Golden Barbel Rods, facing t'north so that we can give t'praise for t'great ones wisdom and parsimony.

Or just have t'good weekend.

Steve Spiller

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Yep, me and Wend...........100%.

Will we be fishing? Or just BBQ'ing and getting ratarsed?

Mere sounds good, I've never had a double figure snottie before :wh;):D

Top man Wol, excellant idea!

Paul H

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Ahhh, sounds reet to me.

Not too far north though otherwise you might get the likes of Corker and Spiders attending.
Don't forget the usual pairings

Spiders (+ sock) and Uncle Dave

Slime (+ socks) and Ray Clarke

oh and Elwin and i will bunk up...he mumbled something like tie and dye,....or was it Thai brides??

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lol, dont start...........
Don't start what?? You worried about something????

There's never been any suggestion of any inappropriate sock based activities at an FM event linked with anybody except those already publicly exposed (or to be Terryed as it is now known I believe)....

even Corkers has a clean record on that account!

You got something you want to get off your chest Wol?

Steve Spiller

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ooooop north .........i best set off now then
He aint kidding!!!
I had to lead a 10 car convoy along the M4 at 56mph cos they kept falling behind!:eek: I thought it was just HGV's that were restricted? :wh;)

A warm summer night bivvied up on the banks of a Cheshire mere.......
Bream rolling as far as the eye can see........
Wol and Cakey man hugging each other, illuminated by the dieing embers of the BBQ.......
Barney scaring the bats and rats when he lets one rip......
The sound of Marzipan flippin through the notes in his wallet....
Re-counting his stash, just to make sure......

And then someones alarm gives a beep................................

Sounds like heaven to me ;)

Can we 'Sticky' this one please Mods?

Steve Spiller

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Sticky it yerself. I'll be turning up and that's as far as it goes!

How the freeking ell do I do that Toffee???
I just voted on it...........Excellant!