Graham - what a great shot


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Got it first time too - not like that muppet who tried to fake 3 runs in his back garden :rolleyes:


Graham Marsden

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Thank you chaps. I spent about four hours yesterday taking shots of carp taking floaters. Not huge fish but big enough in the 10 - 15lb bracket. I haven't had chance to process the raw files yet but I'm pretty sure I've got some good shots. I'll post on here when I've put a few on my Flickr pages.

Steve Spiller

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Why does the line in front of the ring in front of the alarm look like it's going down at 45 degrees? :wh:wh:wh:confused:

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Very nice shot though Boss.

Graham Marsden

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The shot wasn't Photoshopped but it was set up. A mate was pulling the line to make the bobbin rise while I took the shot.

Which is why the line is going down at an angle from the butt ring.