Great Dace Fishing


Robert Woods 1

I loved dace fishing mainly on Dee and Upper Severn around Welshpool. Kept you warm in winter did trotting.

john ledger

I agree Robert and its nice to hear Steve is catching some as they are a very underated fish.
Durham is a lovely part of the world and my wife and i always call in when visiting Seahouses and Bamburgh.
Personally i think plenty of dace are caught around the 1lb mark especially by match anglers who are not really interested in records plus how many are caught on the Test /Kennet carrier streams on tv while the angler is fishing for grayling.
Anyone interested in dace fishing should give the Yorkshire rivers a go.
The Wharfe at Wetherby and Smaw Ings will always produce if there is a bit of colour on the water.So will the Ure at Ripon and the Nidd at Hammerton.The tidal Thames in the seventies and eighties through up some huge bags of dace
Remember John Allerton catching 36lb in a match at Ripon a few years ago.I also remember fishing at Wetherby with Darren Cox and we had a terrific catch near the swimming pool area.
When i had my big catch on the Swale and the biggest was 1lb 4oz with a few others up and around plus one lost at the net which would have certainly broken the record i had inside information.
Gus Greaves who is the bailiff on the water and former National Championship winner had rang me to say this huge shoal of dace was in the water the width of the river and going back over a hundred yards or more.I caught the river just right on the drop and a tinge of colour.Unfortunately Gus mentioned the catch to the Yorkshire Post and the place was infested with anglers the following week,needless to say it did not fish,i would have told no one but the damage was done
Well i am off roach fishing on the Idle with Mike Townsend and if we catch a few bonus dace they will be welcome