Greetings from Unusual Aquarium Ecosystems

Dear All,

Just wanted to introduce myself, I started a project of making a couple of small planted aquariums out of 1.5litre bottles just over a year ago, one of them is still going strong however the other failed. I've put some videos of this on my YouTube channel which I made recently and named it Unusual Aquarium Ecosystems. Please let me know what you think! I also have a great couple of videos of my tour of Sea Life Center, Birmingham


I intend on making more out of unusual glass or clear plastic objects, check out my video of using a Bubble Lights Tube decorative unit as an aquarium, it looked pretty cool! If you have any ideas please share them and I might make a video of it!

I was given some shrimp last May for my birthday and have seen kept a couple of shrimp in a 1 gallon drinks dispenser. I chose this as an aquarium because with it having a tap on the bottom it would make water changes easy.

Anyway, hope to get to know some more people on the net who are into fish in the UK. Most the channels I follow on YouTube are American..

Kind regards,


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Just who are you? I’m utterly disinterested in your your tube channel. No welcome here so do one.


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Why are you so hostile ffs? He can post what he likes, just like all of us.
Who exactly is he? This forum is about anglers voicing opinions, answering and raising questions, helping other anglers and not ,imo, a means of someone selling something from the off whether by blatant advertising or seeking subscribers to a youtubé channel. You do what you want Peter. He has made 4 posts, 2 to ask us to subscribe to a YouTube channel and 2 to remind us to subscribe and to insinuate we are shy. I merely said I'm not interested.
Wow, this section of the forum specifically designed to WELCOME new members and this is the response I get? Also, why assume I am not into angling just because I have mentioned my YouTube channel with an aquarium? Its a NEW channel, I haven't got around to angling yet! BTW my family had a boat on the canal for about 15 years during which we toured the country so I've probably seen more fish than some of you members have!

Are there no moderators here?

That's done it for me!


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Well welcome anyway!
Where are your new aquariums located? I want to go fishing and you know this is close season now!

I understand the connection of interests. It's been years that I'm interested in watching fish behaviour at home, but my wife says that would be too much temptation!

I am sure that there are dedicated exhange groups on your subject but otherwise happy to read you! After all, any distraction/interest is welcome at the moment!!